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Tims free for all driver guide. Last updated 2. 3 5 2. Short link to this page www. Shorter link Tell them to google for tims driver guide For newsupdates regarding this page, see http www. Read this first. Instead of individually blogging about each and every random device and its driver I come across, Ive decided to make up this page to list them all. Agn Driver For Windows 8' title='4965Agn Driver For Windows 8' />Free efps coupon software download download software at UpdateStar. ICH10R LSI RAIDLSI FusionPCH LSI RAID 3210 Chipset XPe Driver 3Com USB 2. Wireless Adapter Bootloader Download 6321 LSI MegaRAID 6321 LSI MegaRAID for Windows. This is partly for my own reference, and partly for everybody elses reference Im sick of random bits of hardware I cant use unless I sign up to driverguide or its sister sites and pay for the privilege of using the stuff I already own. There will be no sponsored links, ads, compulsory registration or any such nonsense, and itll remain as long as I can support and maintain it myself. All the drivers Im hosting are in http tim. Im hoping Google will index at some point and show up in searches for exact filenames and such hint searching for index of filename often turns up plain folders like that full of drivers. Plenty of drivers for XP tend to work with 2. I recommend 7 Zip which is faster than XPs zip engine anyway so consider using it regardless. Feedback. I love feedback, of every kind. Did one of my drivers work for you Did you try one out and it didnt workEmail me and let me know, because I can only do so much testing. Everything on this page Ive personally tested to work on at least one computer somewhere. Copyright. If you happen to hold copyright on any of the software Ive made available for download, feel free to let me know, and Ill be more than happy to remove it. Please note that if your software is on my driver page, its probably because its difficult to find, and I ask that you help out and give me a direct link to a download page on your website for the same drivers. Driver requests. Do you need a driver that isnt on this page Email me with the vendor and device IDs youll find these in a string of text in the devices properties page something like PCIVEN1. DEV9. 44. 1 SUBSYS2. Ill have a look and see what I can find for you. I can give no guarantees except about giving it a go, and that I already do this same thing for 5 1. And my customers love me, so there. If you have a reasonably new laptop with an Intel WiFi chipset then I have some good news. A set of new Intel WiFi drivers made available just a couple weeks ago. This page contains the list of device drivers for Toshiba TECRA A9. To download the proper driver, first choose your operating system, then find your device name and. How to capture data and passwords of unsecured wireless networks with SniffPass and SmartSniff. Please note all Im doing is finding existing drivers on the net, and making them available for download from my own site I have nothing to do with software development, and havent and cant write custom drivers for you. If you absolutely cant find a working driver, I recommend chucking out the offending hardware and replacing it with a product whose maker cares about its customers for longer than it takes to get paid by them. You can find my email address here. Software. CPU ZCPU Z is a free and frequently updated app that identifies key parts of your hardware namely, the CPU, RAM, and motherboard specs. Apart from being technically interesting, its the easiest way to find out what chipset your system has. Unknown Devices UKDUnknown Devices UKD gets used every day at work. Its a tiny program thatll check out the vendor and device IDs of all your hardware, compare them to a near encyclopedic list, and tell you exactly what youre missing a driver for. Its even more perfect that its completely free. Motherboard. Chipset and onboard devices. Id recommend installing the chipset drivers first, as they frequently include drivers for onboard sound, networking or video, which can save you the time of hunting them down one by one. Conversely, Windows XP includes full drivers for plenty of older boards it fully supports i. I know so you may only have to download one or two other drivers. Use CPU Z to find out what chipset you have. In the screenshot above, for example, this is the Intel i. G or GZ. Using Intels Download Center site, search for i. Mobile option if its a laptop, pick your version of Windows, and download whatevers relevant in this case, youd want the executable exe, non Developer Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver. Common chipset manufacturers at the moment are Intel, AMDATi, NVidia the n. Force product line is motherboard chipsets, VIA and Si. S. There are far too many options for me to sensibly mirror here, so heres links to the current download sites of the above Installing the chipset drivers will deal with unknown devices like PCI bridges and the SMBus. ASUS ATK0. 10. 00. If youre using an ASUS laptop or a machine with an ASUS motherboard, you might have an ATK0. ATK0. 10. 0 unknown device this is something to do with ACPI on ASUS computers, and a driver is available on their site in the downloads section for your particular board. Im also mirroring it here Theres a distinct difference between the two. The ATK0. 10. 0 seems to be in laptops while the 0. ACPIIFX0. 10. 1 TPM device. This is the Infineon Trusted Platform Module device on Hewlett Packard NC4. Infineon dont seem to publish a driver themselves get it from HPs website. Ive also found this in a Toshiba Tecra A3. X, which seems to be on the Australian site but not the US one. Heres a starting point for finding A3. X drivers on Toshiba Australias website. ACPIAWY0. 00. 1 device. This device appears to be part of supporting Away Mode in XP Media Centre Ive seen it as an onoff option in BIOS on a few new machines. Away mode seems to be like a lesser standby, where things can wake up faster. What I can tell from what I can find on the subject is that you need a Media Centre OS XP MCE or Vista to have a driver for this device, and its irrelevant and harmless if you dont. To get rid of it, disable Media Center Away Mode or AMD Live in BIOS. ACPICPL0. 00. 2This is the battery meter and wireless select switch driver on Dell Mini Inspiron 9. Check out Dells site for this driver. ACPIHPQ0. 00. 4This is the hard drive freefall sensor in some HP laptops, including the DV6. Its sometimes called the Mobile Data Protection Sensor, which sounded like something to do with security. HP call it 3. D Driveguard. Get it from their site here. ACPIHPQ0. 00. 6This is the HP Quicklaunch buttons on the 6. Get it from HP here. ACPIHPQ0. 00. 7HP Quicklaunch buttons onĀ  6. Get it here. ACPIIBM0. This is IBMs Power Management driver on Thinkpad laptops. Its available on Lenovos website, but to save time, get it from me here ACPIMAT0. ACPIMAT0. 02. 0 on Panasonic Toughbooks. These are Hotkey and Hotkey Plus devices on Panasonic Toughbook notebooks. You can find drivers for these on Panasonics website here, or from me below ACPINSC1. Winbond TPM device. This TPM device is found in IBMLenovo T4. R5. 2 laptops and probably many others. Get the driver says it supports 2. XP and Vista from IBMs site here. ACPISMCF0. 30 SMC IR device. This is the IR port on many Toshibas including the Tecra M2, and I think some Dells. Toshiba. com. au didnt list the driver for this or the soundcard for an M2 I worked on, but the US site did. Get it from there, or me here ACPIWEC1. ACPIWEC1. 02. 1 Winbond IR device. Found in a Toshiba Satellite A2. These are the Intel HECI Host Embedded Controller Interface on their Ibex Peak 5 series chipsets. Ive seen these devices in some recent Toshiba Satellite laptops, and theyre likely in others too. Windows 7 has no clue where to find the driver, and Toshiba actually didnt list the driver on their site for the A5. I saw at work. Fortunately, the exact same device is in the Acer Aspire 7. G, which is fully supported on Acers site. The Roots Of Acid Jazz Rapidshare here. Once the driver is installed, this device shows up as the i.