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ET1. 62. 0IUTT All in One PCs ASUS USAEnhanced Productivity. Upgraded Performance and Connectivity Smart Performance. The ASUS All in One PC ET1. Intel Celeron processor with support for up to 8. UEFI/ULznjONPkxw.jpg' alt='Asus Security Protect Manager Windows 7' title='Asus Security Protect Manager Windows 7' />GB of DDR3 memory, significantly faster and more efficient than the previous Intel Celeron processors, ET1. ASUS Web. Storage Up to 3. GB free space. Share your pictures, music and movies with 3. GB free space for 3 years, wirelessly share your files across multiple devices. With a keyword search, you can find the relevant files in no time. Record and upload the important meeting notes with snap shots, and then access them on any devices. Wall Mountable Design. The optional ASUS certified wall mounting and VESA compatible mounting points allows for easy mounting onto any wall, saving space for the desk or counter, making ET1. Convenient Connectivity with COM port, USB 3. I have Windows 8. Is Defender enough to protect my PC against viruses and malware etc Ive read that some antiviruses can really hog your memory and can take more. KB3097877 causing severe difficulties for some Windows 7 users November 2015 Windows updates. We are seeing numerous reports from Windows 7 users about difficulties. Should I remove ASUS Security Protect Manager by ASUS ASUS Security Protect Manager increases system security through the use of Multifactor AuthenticationPolicy. SECURITY FEATURES FOR YOUR WORK AND DATA PROTECTION. Your work and data are important to you which is why we have secure and safe solutions to keep them protected. VGA out port and HDMI OUTThe ET1. COM ports, USB 3. VGA port and HDMI OUT, it can easily connect to other commercial devices from projectors at school to barcode readers and POS systems at retail. The additional COM port supports a wide variety of devices, allowing more flexible usage ideal for ever expanding businesses. Headphone Microphone. USB 3. 0. 6 in 1 card reader. COM port. VGA port. Asus Security Protect Manager Windows 7' title='Asus Security Protect Manager Windows 7' />HDMI out. USB 2. NFC enabled All in One PCIncorporating innovative technologies for simplified logins, file sync and more. Experience the wireless convenience that connects your ET1. NFC enabled devices together. Password free Windows 8 access With only one tap, instantly log in to Windows 8 without having to key in your password. This is suitable for returning or borrowing software at libraries or membership logon at chain stores. Information sync up NFC Near Field Communication technology allows you to simply tap your NFC enabled device to your ET1. With the wide array of online threats, its crucial to protect your PC online. There are many great security tools, and speaking of which, Bitdefender released the. Find out how to use and troubleshoot your Asus ZenPad Z10 tablet with howto guides and support videos. All in One PC to transfer files and information, providing a simple way to download information at information centers, mobile payments at retail shops or acquire digital coupon from a digital signage or kiosk. ET1. 62. 0I provides optional NFC module only, specific application developed by third party is required to perform above features. Capacitive 1. 0 point Touch Technology. Work at your fingertips The ASUS All in One PC ET1. And it offers sensitive and smooth touch experience for users to enjoy fast response with easily touch of the finger tip. Thanks to the less pressure of the touch gesture which extends the reliability of the touch panel, giving better guaranty to the commercial partner. With 1. 0 point touch solution which enlarges the possibilities of POS demand, educational and other operating purpose. Simplified Management and Security. Total Protection for Physical Assets and Virtual Data ASUS Business Manager One Stop Management and Data Protection. ASUS Business Manager is a set of program utilities that enables users to perform maintenance and optimization tasks in their PCs. This software package features a one page interface where users can access system monitoring tools, BIOS updates, USB Lock for data movement controls, as well as energy saving controllers. Learn more. Easily set up password protection for your data with UEFI BIOSUEFI BIOS not only provides a mouse controlled interface that enables more flexible and convenient input, but also combines system management tools like HDD password protection and USB ports and card reader activation. A user friendly user interface offers easier system tweaking and greater storage support. It also natively supports fully utilized hard drives larger than 2. TB in 6. 4 bit operating systems. Kensington lock slot. ASUS commercial All in One PCs come with a Kensington lock for additional asset management and security. Keeping your hardware and confidential data inside well protected. Anti virus protection. Together with selected top anti virus vendors, ASUS offers integrated security and protection services to our end users around the globe. Industry Leading Reliability. Quality You Can Trust. Vijay Tv Live Program Today there. ASUS desktops leading in satisfaction with reliability. ASUS computers reflect a tradition of the finest quality, innovation and longevity. Based on the PCWorld USA 2. ASUS as a leading choice for desktop PCs, citing high satisfaction with their value, connectivity, ease of use and reliability. The survey also found ASUS desktop PCs were one of the most likely to be recommended to others. Additionally, PC Mag has recognized ASUS as the leading brand of choice with their Readers Choice award Source www. A trademark of Ziff Davis, Inc. Used under license. Stringently quality tests. ASUS desktop PCs are subjected to a series of rigorous noise, vibration, drop, and thermal shock tests to ensure they meet our exacting standards and exceed those used by other manufacturers. So you can rest assured that your new computer can cope with extremes of dry, icy environments to hot and humid environments, as well as the bumps and knocks during shipping. Vibration Test. Shock Test. Ball Drop Test. Temperature and Humidity Test. Pressure Test. Panel Hardness Test. Efficient Energy Saving. Preserve the environment while Lowering Operating Cost Low Energy Consumption and Easily Recyclable. With its mercury free and super bright 1. LED backlit panel, energy efficient Celeron processor, and a package with 8. ET1. 62. 0 Ai. O PC consumes less energy and can be easily recycled, saving money and reduce ultimate emissions footprint. Preserves the environment, also lowers operating costs. The energy efficient ASUS All in One PCs protect the environment while helping lower businesses operating costs. These eco friendly workstations are recipients of some of the industrys highest environmental certifications including ENERGY STAR and EPEAT Gold. EPEAT may vary from models and countries. Find more about EPEAT on http www.