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Compaq v. 30. 00z Review pics, specsOverview and Introduction The Compaq Presario v. HPs lineup of consumer notebooks. It features dual core power and is primarily aimed at being a good all round mobile solution. It weighs around 5. It is also available with a choice of both AMD Turion 6. X2Sempron and Intel Core DuoSolo microprocessors. The laptop is currently available at HPShopping. AMD based version and 8. Welcome to AMDs official site Revolutionize your gaming experience with latest technologies, graphics, and server processors. Explore more at AMD. Pascal based highend mobile graphics card based on a cut down GP104 like the GTX 1080 and GDDR5 graphics memory. Successor to the GTX 980M with a 10 Watts higher TDP. The HP Compaq 2510p is a 12. The Compaq 2510p replaces the older nc2400. Ati Mobility X1400 Driver Windows 10' title='Ati Mobility X1400 Driver Windows 10' />Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Attention These results are based on Video Card Stability Test version 1. These results are not compatible with old versions Video Card Stability Test. Ati Mobility X1400 Driver Windows 10' title='Ati Mobility X1400 Driver Windows 10' />Hi guys Could you help me find a windows 10 driver for this video card Ati mobility radeon x1400 Im searched the internet,but couldnt find it Laptop Dell. Ati Mobility X1400 Driver Windows 10' title='Ati Mobility X1400 Driver Windows 10' />Intel based version. The launch of this laptop also coincided with HPs new marketing initiative of Making the computer personal again and with its new design philosophy, HP aims to transform the computer from being just an electronic utility item to more of a personal tool. Compaq Presario v. Reasons for Buying I was looking for an affordable laptop that cost around 1,0. All of this plus it should not sacrifice any features. The v. A list of similarCompeting laptops to the V3. Z are A typical buyer of such a notebook would probably be looking for a laptop which is both mobile yet does not sacrifice performance or important features. The lid does show some reflections yet hides fingerprints quite well view large imageWhere and How Purchased I ordered the laptop online through HPShopping. The ordering experience was pleasant without any issues. I placed the order on June 1. June. The time taken was a bit longer than I expected but given that the laptop was just introduced, longer build time is to be expected. Technical Specifications The V3. Since I ordered mine custom built from HP, the specifications will vary. AMD Turion 6. 4 X2 Mobile TL 5. GHz5. 12. KB 1. WXGA Bright. View Widescreen 1. NVIDIA Ge. Force Go 6. Hotel Cabana Naughty Boy Zip there. MB DDR2 SDRAM 2x. MB6. 0 GB 5. 40. RPM Serial ATA Hard Drive Super Multi 8. X DVD RRW wDouble Layer Support 8. WLAN 1. 2 Cell Lithium Ion Battery 1 yr Standard Warranty. Dimensions 1. 3. L x 9. W x 1 min H1. HWeight 6 cell 5. Total Price after MIR student discount 9. The v. 30. 00z I purchased was upgraded to 2. GB of RAM aftermarket. Build Design The build quality is very good for a laptop in this price range. There arent any little squeaks or creeks when the laptop is picked up from any corner, but the screen produces some ripples when the lid is pressed hard from behind. The hinges are covered in plastic and I am not sure if it runs through the entire length of the laptop, but overall the hinges do feel solid and there is no movement in the screen when typing and it holds its position even when shaken a bit hard. Having used a Compaq v. I must say the v. The laptop is colored with a combination of grey and black with imprinted lines all over the visible surface. It looks conservative and yet comes off as being an extremely stylish looking laptop. The screen which is surrounded by a high gloss black surface is more prone to fingerprints. Most of the laptop is built of polycarbonate with an imprint finish developed by Nissha Film Products. The imprint can be seen clearly and is protected by a coating of clear plastic material which helps in avoiding scratch marks. Screen The screen is almost perfect, I had no issues with any dead or stuck pixels. It has good horizontal viewing angle but the vertical angles could be better this is typical of most notebook screens. The 1. The text looks clear and sharp and the screen viewing area is perfect for surfing and typing documents. The only negative against the screen would be the light leakage. Some amount of leakage is to be almost expected in any laptop and the v. The leakage is only visible in the bottom of the screen and is only apparent when looking at a screen with black background. Do remember that light leakage is individual to a particular screen and some others might not have the same amount as mine. Note the good viewing angles as well as the reflection due to the glossy screen view large imageSpeakers HP has replaced the position of the speakers from the front of the laptop in the previous generation to a place right above the keyboard. The speakers are branded as Altec Lansing and have decent bass that are slightly better than the average laptop speaker. The sound gets a bit distorted when the volume is at the highest. If you are an audiophile headphones are recommended, but otherwise I found the speaker to be of acceptable sound quality. Speakers located right above the keyboard view large imageProcessor and Performance The Presario v. Z came equipped with the AMD Turion 6. X2 TL5. 2 running at 1. GHz.   This is the new range of dual core processors by AMD aimed squarely at the Intel Core Duos. It has one distinct advantage of being able to run 6. Of course currently this is not of much use to the general public since there are hardly any mainstream 6. But the future of computing seems to be headed towards 6. Being dual core it performs best when multitasking and I was able to run my antivirus in the background and not notice any slowdowns as I was surfing the web, typing this review and also listening to streaming music. Benchmarks Below are some of the standard suite of tests that should be able to give a better idea about the performance the Turion X2 is capable. Super Pi. Nothing surprising here as the Core Duos have made this benchmark their own. Notebook. Time. Compaq Presario V3. GHz Turion. 64 X21m 5. Dell Inspiron e. 14. GHz Core Duo1m 2. Gateway M2. 55 2. GHz Core Duo1m 1. Lenovo Z6. 1m 2. GHz Core Duo1m 1. IBM Think. Pad T4. GHz Pentium M1m 4. IBM Think. Pad Z6. GHz Pentium M1m 3. Fujitsu Life. Book N3. GHz Pentium M1m 4. Dell Inspiron 6. 00. D 1. 6 GHz Pentium M1m 5. Dell Inspiron 6. 00. M 1. 6 GHz Pentium M2m 1. HP Pavilion dv. 40. GHz Pentium M1m 3. Asus V6. Va Pentium M 1. GHz1m 4. 6s. Lenovo Think. Pad T6. 0 2. 0. GHz Core Duo1m 1. D Mark 0. 5This benchmark primarily compares the performance of the graphics subsystem. Notebook. 3DMark 0. Results. Compaq V3. GHz Turion. 64 X2, n. Vidia Ge. Force Go 6. D Marks. Averatec AV2. EH1 AMD Turion 6. GHz, ATI Xpress 2. M4. 42 3. D Marks. Gateway M2. 55 2. GHz Core Duo, Intel GMA 9. Graphics5. 23 3. D Marks. Alienware M7. AMD Athlon FX 6. Vidia Ge. Force Go. GTX7,0. 78 3. DMarks. Dell Inspiron e. 17. GHz Intel T2. 50. ATI X1. 40. 01,7. D Marks. Asus V6. Va 2. 1. 3 GHz Pentium M, ATI Radeon Mobility x. MB2,5. 30 3. D Marks. Fujitsu n. 64. 10 1. GHz Core Duo, ATI X1. MB2,2. 73 3. DMarks. Dell XPS M1. 21. 0 2. GHz Core Duo, n. Vidia Go 7. MB2,0. 90 3. D Marks. Acer Travel Mate 8. WLMi 2. 0. GHz Core Duo, ATI X1. MB4,1. 57 3. DMarks. PC Mark 0. 5Compaq v. Averatec 2. 15. 0Dell e. HDD XP Startup 6. MBs. 6. 0. MBs. MBs. Physics and 3. D 6. FPS 4. FPS6. 7. 6. FPSTransparent Windows 2. Windowss 1. 69. 2. Windowss. 20. 2. Windowss. D Pixel Shader. Test failed. FPS1. 2. 8. 4 FPSWeb Page Rendering 1. Pagess 1. 7. 9 Pagess. Pagess. File Decryption 2. MBs 2. 7. 2. 3 MBs. MBs. Graphics Memory 6. Lines. 44. 9. 2. 8 FPS2. FPS4. 75. 6. 5 FPSHDD General Usage 4. MBs. 4. 0. 2 MBs. MBs. Multithreaded Test 1 Audio Compression NA NA1. KBs. Multithreaded Test 1 Video Encoding Test failed Test Failed. KBs. Multithreaded Test 2 Text Edit 9. Pagess 4. 8. 3. 8 Pagess. Pagess. Multithreaded Test 2 Image Decompression 1. MPixelss 8. 5. 1 MPixelss. MPixelss. Multithreaded Test 3 File Compression 2. MBs 1. 5. 9 MBs. MBs. Multithreaded Test 3 File Encryption 2. MBs 8. 1. 1 MBs. MBs. Multithreaded Test 3 HDD Virus Scan 1. MBs. 9. 8. 5 MBs. MBs. Multithreaded Test 3 Memory Latency Random 1. MB8. 6. 3 MAccessess.