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Efi Bootloader Iso Download' title='Efi Bootloader Iso Download' />Chimera Bootloader Iso DownloadCan you make a Windows 1. Canon Lbp 2900 Drivers For Windows 7. ISO with both ProHome and 3. Well, I simply tried the brute force way I let the tool create a dual architecture ISO and examined it for a bit. It contains a regular Windows bootloader with entries for both x. Then I simply removed the original x. In their place, I added the whole contents of the regular MSDN ISOs, which contain both editions. I then created an ISO image using the oscdimg tool available here oscdimg m o u. G Win. ISObootetfsboot. EF,e,b. G Win. ISOefimicrosoftbootefisys. G Win. ISO G Win. Command line courtesy of this blogImportant The source and possibly destination directory must not reside on a volume that is Re. FS formatted andor hosted on Storage Spaces. Otherwise, oscdimg will fail with Error 8. The parameter is incorrect. Both architectures installed successfully in both BIOS mode, the x. UEFI, too. The x. UEFI mode. This can probably be fixed somehow. The original x. 86 ISO is UEFI bootable. Edit additioncorrection Various sources suggest that under UEFI, windowssetup kernel must match the underlying processor architecture, ie. Windows 1. 0 will only install on an x. CPU. Seeing as you dont often see UEFI x. Dm Genie Crack here. Grub Bootloader Iso DownloadDownload EasyBCD. DualBoot Windows and Anything EasyBCD is a bootloader modification tool for Windows. Bootloader Iso Download' title='Bootloader Iso Download' />Hackintosh Bootloader Iso DownloadSee hereBecause I dont think Microsoft will mind, I zipped the base layout of the disk, its available here 1. Mi. B. That means you wont have to download a dual architecture ISO to get started. The archive doesnt include oscdimg, so youll have to get that from the page linked above. Addition This Multi boot x. ProHome ISO method also works for a bootable USB drive. You can make such a drive using the various popular methods, and then just replace the fileslayout with the same one used for this ISO. Some care must be taken though if you want a USB drive that boots both traditional MBRBios and UEFI, as the UEFI requirements can be a bit picky. Download the YUMI Multiboot USB Creator here. It is a small software that does not need installation. Open it and select your USB device in Step 1. Ubuntu Budgie is a new take on Ubuntu with Budgie desktop at its core.