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YAAOSwne9Zjv7A/s-l500.jpg' alt='Cd 4 The Sims 2 Iso' title='Cd 4 The Sims 2 Iso' />Cd 4 The Sims 2 IsoRobot Check. Enter the characters you see below. Sorry, we just need to make sure youre not a robot. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. Game iso files. ADVERTISEMENTS. I downloaded The Sims 2 and installed the first CD but i dont know what to do when it asks for the second one. I was downloading Sims 2 Open For Business and it asked for my Sims 2 disc 4. As it dont have it, I went around asking what to do. Igi Game For Windows 7 Pc here. Someone told me that I. Export To Pdf In Access 2007'>Export To Pdf In Access 2007.