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L2V5hMTQzJo/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Civil Services General Studies Material' title='Civil Services General Studies Material' />Strategy UPSC Civil Service Exam Part 1 of 5 Exam Trends and Changes. Prologue. Act I Mindset of the Enemy. Prelims GSPrelims Optional. Mains 9. 0s Era. Civil Services General Studies Material PdfCivil Services General Studies MaterialGeneral studies mains of 9. Era. Optional papers 9. Literature optionals 9. The Back breaking. TM era 2. 01. 0 onwardsBackbreaking. TM  era Prelims. Civil Services General Studies Material In TeluguCivil Services General Studies MaterialAnswer Key Detailed Solutions UPSC Civil Services Prelims Exam 2017. General Studies 1. SET Unknown. Civil engineering is a professional engineering discipline that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. If you are an IAS aspirant and confused how to prepare for IAS in best way Enroll in Raus IAS Study Circle, that offer wellresearched study material and. The Civil Services Examination CSE is a nationwide competitive examination in India conducted by the Union Public Service Commission for recruitment to various. Backbreaking. TM era Mains General StudiesAdaptation. Prologue. There are lot of tips scattered in various articles, but for a new person it is sometimes hard to follow what is going on here. So this is my attempt to combine and consolidate everything onto five part series on prelims cum mains cum interview approach for General Studies for UPSC Civil Service Exam. UPSC Syllabus for Civil Services Exam Prelims, Mains and Interview is given below. Aspirants are free to download or print the IAS exam syllabus. Civil Services Exam Pattern Details Union Public Service Commissions UPSC Civil Services Exam pattern details are given below Exam Pattern Details Civil. Top UPSCIAS Exam Online Civil Service Coaching in India. Free Demo Video Classes. Books for UPSCCSE available. Daily Tests GS. Faculty from Delhi more. Civil Services Exam, UPSC etc. This is full text of the report of Satish Chandra Committee 1989, 692 pages in original. UPSC conducted IAS Prelims 2017 in two sessions with Question Paper of General Studies GS in monring shift and Civil Services Aptitude Test CSAT in afternoon shift. BY EXPERTS Study material for UPSC IAS Prelims 2017, IAS Main 2017, IAS Interview and other State Civil services Exam for complete preparation of all IASPCS Exams. If youre following this site for many months, you will find repetition of ideas and tips in this article, so apologies in advance for any boredom caused. War on Terrorism UPSC, consists of three battles. Prelims CSATMulti choice questions MCQs2. Mains. Descriptive essay type questions. This strategy is divided into five articles, click on the appropriate links Topics discussed. Article link. In Act I, We shall try to understand the mindset of our Blood Enemy UPSCDiscussed in this article itself. In Act II The weapons required to defeat him. Booklist, art of Note making, How to use Yojana,Kurukshetra etcClick MEIn Act III We shall see how to effectively use those weapons and wage the warTopicwise strategy for General Studies Prelims, MainsClick MEIn Act IV How to conquer your own brain, before conquering UPSC cleansing the doubts of coaching classes, working professionals, Hindi Medium etcClick MEIn Act V We shall see how to retreat from the war, if victory is not achieved. Career Backup plansClick ME6th PArt updated on March 2. This is latest update in the strategy, with respect to, new modification introduced in UPSC 2. Click MEAct I Mindset of the Enemy. We can classify Bollywood movies into eras tragedy ridden 5. Similarly UPSC question papers too have gone through evolution. To keep it simple, I would classify this into two phases. Back breaking. TM era. Timeline. Everything upto 2. Prelims. Main areas. History. Geography. Current Affairs. Environment. Science. HistoryPolity. Weapons. Older NCERTs. Std. Ref Books. Competitive Magazines. New NCERTStd. Ref Books. Newspapers. Mains. Main areas. History. Geography. Polity. Diplomacy. Diplomacy. Yearbook. Environment. Sci Tech. Weapons. Standard Reference books. Coaching class notes. Mostly Newspapers, your own notes. So how was the 9. Most people did not have internet or computer. Internet was prohibitively expensive. Content Browser 2 Serial there. Even cybercafs were hard to find. There was hardly any information on internet, about how to prepare for this exam. And whether informationbooklist was available was mostly jingoistic and impractical in nature. Act II List of Not recommended BooksThose who could afford to goto Delhi for coaching, had distinct advantage over others. Because they knew what to prepare, from where to prepare and what to skip. Nowadays situation has drastically changed. Prelims had two papers. General Studies 1. I Cant The Latest Wow Patch on this page. Optional Subject 3. There existed a proportional representation system rule. Crudely speaking it means. Suppose 2 lakh students appeared in prelims and 2. History optional. And UPSC wanted only pass 1. In that case, UPSC would need to reserve 1. Prelims GSBy and large the structure for prelims was like following. There would be about 2. History. You had to Mugup old NCERT any coaching notes regarding location of Harappa sites and other boring trivial things. There would be 3. Geography including places in news so you had to prepare old NCERTs competitive magazines The. Hindu accordingly. About 4. 0 questions on science NCERT GS manual. Prelims GS questions used to be current affairs heavy Almost 4. Remaining was filled up with polity, aptitude etc questions to make a paper with total 1. Prelims Optional. Lets consider the case of Public Administration. The topicwise breakup was pretty much identical every year. Basically you had to mugup following books religiously and you would clear the prelims even without coaching or great command over GS. M. Laxmikanths book on Public Administration. Prasad and Prasad. Mohit Bhattacharya. Sharma n Sadana or Avasthi or FadiaBut in those years, if you lived in a small town, there was no internet and nobody to tell you those books were important. So you had to join a coaching class in Delhi, just to figure out the damn booklist or worst fail in first attempt and learn from mistakes. Overall, The nature of prelims questions was such that youd need to mugup lot of data on solar planets, PSLV missions, metal alloys, location of Harappan sites, winners of lawn tennis, Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar awardees and other boring things like that. Same for your optional subjects. Public Administration you had to mugup quotes who said what, books and authors, timelines etc. Because of the proportional representation rule, in the preliminary exam you were only competing with the people from your optional subject group. And thus Senior player had distinct advantage over first timers. Because optionals were worth 3. The victory rule was straight arithmetic If Someone revised above cited Public Administration books for 1. Im not kidding then he was riding a Tata Sumo 9. If a newguy had barely read them 5 times, so he was riding a desi Atlas bicycle used by postmen,. Now imagine what would happen if these two clashed Same was the situation in  General studies paper. And as I told earlier, there was no internet or awareness outside Delhi. So most of the small town, self preparation no coaching and no relative in civil service type candidates would fail in their first attempt, becausethey did not have idea on what to prepare, what to skip. They could not memorize as much as a senior player did, because of timelimit. So theyd fail in first attempt, learn from their mistakes, and clear prelims in second attempt i. But then they might fail in mains exam for the same reason lack of right direction, so theyd again rectify mistakes in third attempt and with God and goodluck willing, theyd get selected. Ofcourse there were exceptional cases, but by and large, this was the situation and hence there exists a perception in the society that. You cannot clear IAS exam on first trial. You cannot clear IAS exam without going to Delhi for Coaching. But that was the 9. Things have changed now. Many toppers have defied above rules. Cleared the UPSC on first attempt Shah Faisal, Karthik Iyer, Neeraj Singh, Mohd. Safi to name a few. Anyways let us continue discussion on 9. Mains. Mains 9. 0s Era. General studies mains of 9. Era. Questions often rephrased and repeated, so if a coaching class sir dictated the answers for previous papers or provided notes, then all you had to do was religiously mug it up and reproduce the same in your answer sheets. History. 3 books of Spectrum Modern History, Freedom fighters and Culture. Bipin Chandra. In those years, UPSC would ask 2 markers on freedom fighters total 1. So you had to mupup 1. Spectrums book coaching material if any. Again, senior player had distinct advantage because he would have gone through the same data atleast 5 times. He can easily recall freedom fighters compared to a new guy. Indian Geography. Again questions were repeated and rephrased for exampleexplain monsoon mechanism in India and why xyz part receives less monsoon etc.