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Frequently Asked Questions FAQ The Go Programming Language. Origins. What is the purpose of the project No major systems language has emerged in over a decade, but over that time. There are several trends. Computers are enormously quicker but software development is not faster. Dependency management is a big part of software development today but the. C tradition are antithetical to clean. There is a growing rebellion against cumbersome type systems like those of. Java and C, pushing people towards dynamically typed languages such as. International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications IJERA is an open access online peer reviewed international journal that publishes research. I have a SQL Server database with 500,000 records in table main. There are also three other tables called child1, child2, and child3. The many to many relationships. Im wondering how executing many longrunning queries simultaneously will impact SQL Servers ability to service each query in a timely fashion. Edit It wasnt my. Python and Java. Script. Some fundamental concepts such as garbage collection and parallel computation. The emergence of multicore computers has generated worry and confusion. We believe its worth trying again with a new language, a concurrent. Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge 2004 Version. SWEBOK Executive Editors Alain Abran, cole de technologie suprieure James W. Moore, The MITRE. Origins What is the purpose of the project No major systems language has emerged in over a decade, but over that time the computing landscape has changed tremendously. Regarding the points above. It is possible to compile a large Go program in a few seconds on a single computer. Go provides a model for software construction that makes dependency. C style include files and. Gos type system has no hierarchy, so no time is spent defining the. CAD_Lesson_Principles_CAD_Scheme.gif' alt='Concurrency Mechanism In Software Engineering' title='Concurrency Mechanism In Software Engineering' />Also, although Go has static types the language. OO languages. Go is fully garbage collected and provides fundamental support for. By its design, Go proposes an approach for the construction of system. A much more expansive answer to this question is available in the article. Language Design in the Service of Software Engineering. What is the status of the projectConcurrency Mechanism In Software EngineeringGo became a public open source project on November 1. After a couple of years of very active design and development, stability was called for and. Go 1 was released. March 2. 8, 2. 01. Go 1, which includes a language specification. With that stability established, we are using Go to develop programs, products, and tools rather than. In fact, the purpose of Go 1 is to provide long term stability. Backwards incompatible changes will not be made to any Go 1 point release. We want to use what we have to learn how a future version of Go might look, rather than to play with. Of course, development will continue on Go itself, but the focus will be on performance, reliability. There may well be a Go 2 one day, but not for a few years and it will be influenced by what we learn using Go 1 as it is today. Whats the origin of the mascot The mascot and logo were designed by. Rene French, who also designed. Plan 9 bunny. is derived from one she used for an WFMU. T shirt design some years ago. The logo and mascot are covered by the. Creative Commons Attribution 3. What is the history of the project Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike and Ken Thompson started sketching the. September 2. 1, 2. Within a few days the goals had settled into a plan to do something. Design continued part time in. By January 2. 00. Ken had started work. C code as its. output. By mid year the language had become a full time project and. In May 2. 00. 8. Ian Taylor independently started on a GCC front end for Go using the. Russ Cox joined in late 2. Go became a public open source project on November 1. Many people from the community have contributed ideas, discussions, and code. Why are you creating a new languageGo was born out of frustration with existing languages and. Programming had become too. One had to. choose either efficient compilation, efficient execution, or ease of. Programmers who could were choosing ease over. Python and Java. Script rather than C or, to a lesser extent, Java. Go is an attempt to combine the ease of programming of an interpreted. It also aims to be modern, with support for networked and multicore. Finally, working with Go is intended to be fast it should take. To meet these goals required addressing a number of. These cannot be addressed well by libraries or tools a new. The article Go at Google. More Opengl Game Programming Pdf more. Go language. as well as providing more detail about many of the answers presented in this FAQ. What are Gos ancestors Go is mostly in the C family basic syntax. PascalModulaOberon. Tony Hoares CSP. Newsqueak and Limbo concurrency. However, it is a new language across the board. In every respect the language was designed by thinking. What are the guiding principles in the design Programming today involves too much bookkeeping, repetition, and. As Dick Gabriel says, Old programs read. Whod have guessed sophistication bought such noise. The sophistication is worthwhileno one wants to go back to. Go attempts to reduce the amount of typing in both senses of the word. Throughout its design, we have tried to reduce clutter and. There are no forward declarations and no header files. Initialization is expressive. Syntax is clean and light on keywords. Stuttering foo. Foo my. Foo newfoo. Foo is reduced by. And perhaps most radically, there. These simplifications allow Go to be. Another important principle is to keep the concepts orthogonal. Methods can be implemented for any type structures represent data while. Driver Hp Keyboard Ku 0316. Orthogonality makes it. Usage Is Google using Go internally Yes. There are now several Go programs deployed in. Google. A public example is the server behind. Its just the godoc. Google App Engine. Other examples include the Vitess. SQL installations and Googles download server, dl. Chrome binaries and other large installables such as apt get. Do Go programs link with CC programs There are two Go compiler implementations, gc. Gc uses a different calling convention and linker and can. C programs using the same convention. There is such a C compiler but no C compiler. Gccgo is a GCC front end that can, with care, be linked with. GCC compiled C or C programs. The cgo program provides the mechanism for a. C libraries from Go code. SWIG extends this capability to C libraries. Does Go support Googles protocol buffersA separate open source project provides the necessary compiler plugin and library. It is available at. Can I translate the Go home page into another language Absolutely. We encourage developers to make Go Language sites in their own languages. However, if you choose to add the Google logo or branding to your site. Design. Does Go have a runtime Go does have an extensive library, called the runtime. Go program. The runtime library implements garbage collection, concurrency. Go language. Although it is more central to the language, Gos runtime is analogous. C library. It is important to understand, however, that Gos runtime does not. Java runtime. Go programs are compiled ahead of time to native machine code. Thus, although the term is often used to describe the virtual. Go the word runtime. Whats up with Unicode identifiersIt was important to us to extend the space of identifiers from the. ASCII. Gos ruleidentifier characters must be. Unicodeis simple to understand. Combining characters are. Thus we have a simple rule that can be expanded later. On a related note, since an exported identifier must begin with an. For now the. only solution is to use something like X, which. The. case for visibility rule is unlikely to change however its one. Go. Why does Go not have feature X Every language contains novel features and omits someones favorite. Go was designed with an eye on felicity of programming, speed of. Your favorite feature may be. If it bothers you that Go is missing feature X. Go does have. You might find that. X. Why does Go not have generic types Generics may well be added at some point. We dont feel an urgency for. Generics are convenient but they come at a cost in. We havent yet found a. Meanwhile, Gos built in maps and slices. The topic remains open. For a look at several previous unsuccessful attempts to. Running Functions as Threads in Python Software Ramblings. Suppose you have a function in some Python code that you want to run as a thread. How do you do it The simplest way is via the thread module and its startnewthread method. This is illustrated in the following example. Func. print some. Func was called. Func,. This approach has a limitation in that once the startnewthread function is called, it is not possible to find out when the thread has finished or to wait for completion of the thread. This may be acceptable for many applications but may be too restrictive for others. Note that function parameters can also be passed in a tuple use an empty tuple if there are no parameters as the second argument to startnewthread. Python also provides the threading module which implements a layer on top of the thread module. The threading module provides, among other things, a Thread class which contains a run method. Typical usage is to subclass the Thread class and override the run method in the subclass to implement the desired functionality. The Thread class also provides start and join methods to control the starting of a thread and to provide a mechanism for waiting until the thread has finished execution i. Without sub classing, it is possible to pass a function or other callable object to the Thread class constructor to specify the target that the run method will call. This is illustrated below. Threadtargetsome. Func. This approach works well for providing a mechanism for waiting for the thread to complete. A drawback to this approach though is that it is not possible to pass any arguments to the function supplied as the threads target. If waiting for thread completion and argument passing is required it is necessary to provide a subclass of Thread. The function to execute and its arguments can be passed to the subclass constructor. This is illustrated below import threading. Func. Threadthreading. Thread. def initself, target, rgs. Thread. initself. Example usage. def some. Other. Funcdata, key. Other. 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