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Kal Online Top 1. Top 1. 00. Top 2. Top 1. 00. 00. Top of Games. Private servers and game sites. Lineage. 2, Kalonline, Minecraft, World of Tanks, Ragnarok Online, 2. Moons, Priston Tale, RF online, World of Warcraft, Knight Online. Brothers Kal. Online Server Is OnlineActive Team ,DDos Protection, Real 3rd News Areas ,Start Lev 1 1. Vs 1. 00, Gv. G, Instance, Balanced Characters, Reborn System, Pet System ,Summon Scroll,Jail,Fish and Shop Reward, And More on Game. Kal Online Top 1. Kal Online Private Servers, Kal Online Info. A detailed comparison of Diablo 3 vs Path of Exile. Diablo 3 vs Path of Exile. For starters Difficulty and Learning Curve seems to be covering the same topic and your comments in both sections seem the same with both resulting in a D3 victory point. I mean in the learning curve section you even state D3 allows excellent control of the game difficulty. Personally, I think it is either article padding or you got confused in writing perhaps difficulty should be Challenge as in how challenging is the game to play and then leave Learning Curve to the complexity of understanding the game. Death system It is amusing that you think repair bills and respawn timers arent annoying, at least in POE you can level, repeatedly try a difficult bossencounter and die repeatedly without being sent broke whilst waiting to play the game. You also know that you can ALTF4 out of the game to prevent death game content is designed to be more dangerous with this in mind, otherwise GGG would disable ALTF4 and tone down the content to boring levels. Diablo 2 Lvl 99 Chars Games' title='Diablo 2 Lvl 99 Chars Games' />Plus, at level 9. Unlike in D3 where level 6. Paragon Levels to give players something to do. Next End Game and Replayability is a joke you spend your entire summary going on about the amount of flexibility and customisation in POE and unchallenging and repetitive side of D3 only to repeatedly refer to POEs death penalty and desync as justifiable options for D3 to win. Mark replayability for what it is and that is POEs map system is far superior than anything D3 has to offer. Invetory Stash you know POE has a search function for your Stash, right Progression I dont think you quite understand the POE meta here. End game in POE is reaching maps around level 6. There are a few ultimate challenges that are supposed to be very difficult for the extreme players, but these arent for everyone reaching lvl 1. Atziri, killing Uber Atziri and killing Abaxoth. This is because POE is still a work in progress. C3FC58798454BAD0BE1DF92050E77.jpg' alt='Diablo 2 Lvl 99 Chars Games' title='Diablo 2 Lvl 99 Chars Games' />GGG will be releasing up to 1. Acts in total and the level cap will always be 1. As new acts come in the difficulties will be removed and mapping will be pushed higher and higher. Your comments here suggest that you just dont get it. Guilds so POE has a guild stash and D3 does not, so it is a tie lol what. A shared stash is one of the most important, if not the most important, part of a guild. Parties you state it is less distracting to only see your drops, but in POE you can trade, so seeing the other loot is valuable. An ideal piece of gear might drop for someone else, you see it and you can request it. You can also turn off the item labels, so that they are only visible on a key press. Driver Pet Usb Serial there. Do you even play the game Graphics POE gets a bad rap for its graphics and somehow D3 seems to do no wrong. Some D3 players think POE is just like D2 style graphics, but I would suggest D3 is closer to D2 than POE, just consider the following, not only is the game art over POE superior to the washed out D3 graphics, but look carefully at the UI HUD, so much more detail in POEs Diablo 2 https www. Diablo 3 https godlesspaladin. POE http pixelperfectgaming. POE http www. However, D3 animations are far superior and that is without question. Bugs, desync, game design choices and atmosphere sort of all related something you never touch on is game design choices. Such as how POE has intentionally including evasion, dodge, stun and moving away from attacksspells. AFAIK in D3 attacks always hit it is their method of avoiding desync. Also areas in POE contain a lot more obstacles and tighter spaces to create more atmosphere. Compared to D3 whose areas are more wide open and fewer obstacles another method of avoiding desync. POE encourages ALTF4 use to save you from death, so it can contain more challenging content. POEs use of tight spaces, music, lightning and shadows creates a more intimidating world than D3s Wo. W inspired washed out colour palette. It took a year of negative feedback and Ro. S expansion for Blizzard to address the lacking atmosphere of D3. In summary, I did enjoy your write up, you obviously have your preference, but it is a good in depth comparison. I think the over score should be closer, if not POE should come out on top. POE does a lot of things well compared to D3 in the ARPG, conversely D3 does really GREAT things in a few key areas.