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Fake Your Specs' title='Fake Your Specs' />Movie Poster Info Information Movie Poster Guide Learn About Movie. Posters Beware of Fake Movie Posters What are your posters. Are they originalWill we buy your posters By David A. Lieberman. Hello fellow movie poster. If we have responded to your. On a daily basis we get. What are my original movie posters. Will Cine. Masterpieces buy my posters Can you tell me more about my posters, are they original. How much will Cine. Masterpieces give me for my. How muchwhat price will. Cine. Masterpieces list my posters for If I. Cine. Masterpieces, how much can I expect to get YES We buy posters all the time. We also accept posters on Consignment. The first step is for you to compile a list of exactly what you have and email. Include the title, year, size, and condition of each poster. You can also email us some photos if youd like. We will then let you know if we. Many who contact us simply want. Canon Digital Photo Editor Download. Please understand. Every day we are contacted by people with posters to. As the worlds leading fullspectrum genetic security and containment company, Trask Industries continues to uncover new ways to control the mounting Xgene threat. If you think only premium smart phones are worth faking, think again. The popular Redmi Note apparently has a replica of its own and it looks like the actual. There are three basic ways of checking if your iPhone is a genuine or a fake one. We have grouped them into three indicators physical, performance, and system. Artificial Turf Supply is eager to earn your business, one order at a time. Let us provide you with all of your synthetic grass solutions. Go Green with ATSMovie Poster Guide Movie Poster Info Information Film Poster Beware of Fake Bootleg Counterfeit Movie Posters. AUGUST-31-69-DAYS.jpg' alt='Fake Your Specs' title='Fake Your Specs' />Fake Your SpecsFaux wood beams have become the de facto architectural detail of choice for homeowners and builders. Faux wood beams will add character and warmth to a home at a. ForeverLawn offers the best in fake grass. Our faux grass is safe for everyone in your family, contact us today for more information. Recently, we got an email from anonymous source about the upcoming Nikon D810 successor Nikon D850 Nikon D900. According to the rumored specs below, this is. Now more than ever its important to be able to tell when youre reading FakeNews. However, determining whether something is fake or real isnt always easy. The leading information resource for the entertainment industry. Find industry contacts talent representation. Manage your photos, credits, more. They want a free appraisal, and then they try and sell them on their. If you are serious about working with us we kindly ask you to submit them. Again, before we can give you a value. Once they are shipped to us. We will gladly tell you what they. Auction. what we will pay for them in Cash, and if they qualify what price we will sell them for on. Fixed. Price On Site Consignment program. Please see the Advantages of Consigning. With Cine. Masterpieces. It is. not possible to give free appraisals andor accurately evaluate posters on the phone or through email. We need to see posters in person. If you email us pictures and ask What will you pay for these, we will. If you email us a list of your posters with condition descriptions for each one and ask What will you pay for these, we will. If you would like a ball park. BEFORE sending them in, please. Please send us pictures with the prices you want, or you can. Please understand that it is. Please also understand that we. We will be more than happy to. We will be more than fair with. Please see our. Testimonials page. How do you know you can trust us with your. Sorry, but we will no longer give free movie. Please dont ask us I saw this other poster for. Can you tell me. how to tell if this poster is realoriginalWe get questions like this several times a day. We. honestly just do not have the time to walk people through authenticating a. If youd like to send posters to us to authenticate so we can. How much will we offer you. Our cash offer price will. What condition is it in How rare is the poster How much can we buy it. Bay or other auction sites when it becomes available Do we have a. Do we already have one or more in stock Is it a. Generally but not always if. This price could be as low as 3. Please note that if you send. Also please note that posters with. Posters in this condition may or may not be suitable for. We offer. 3 options for selling your. Auction Consignment. Fixed Price On Site. Consignment. 3. Cash. PLEASE BE AWARE. If you send us posters valued at less than 5. Auction Consignment. NOT expect us to achieve a retail price for them when we auction. Sometimes we do achieve retail prices comparable to posters we have. PLEASE DO NOT BE. DELUSIONAL. Collectors sometimes think their posters are worth much more than they really. Often times when we offer to buy posters for cash we hear But that is. I bought it for or I saw it for sale on e. Bay for twice that. Please understand that anyone can put a high price on anything and. Just because someone is asking 1. Also please understand that if we are. Please be aware that most people with collections to. Auction or Fixed Price CONSIGNMENT rather than CASH because they will usually get MORE MONEY than if. After we evaluate your posters. If you have mostly newer. If you only have. We. are sorry, but we will not be interested in them at all. Please. email or call us at 6. Please also read these articles I Have Some Old Movie Posters and Im. Thinking of Selling Them What Can I Expect Id like to send my posters to you for sale. I proceed How can you tell if a movie poster. If you have a lot of posters andor they are extremely. Anyone is welcome to send us. Usually though, we cant answer. The photos we receive through email are frequently not detailed enough for us to. VALUE GREATLY DEPENDS ON CONDITION. There are also many REPRODUCTION posters. Unless you are willing to ship them to. Before being evaluated, POSTERS MUST BE REMOVED FROM ANY FRAMES. When we give appraisals or make offers we usually have to see the posters in person. If you are a collector of movie. Jon Warrens, Poster Price, etc. All of. these sources for prices are good, but they are just GUIDES to value, not. Many times they are quite accurate. Some have data that is quite old and hasnt been updated in many years. None of these guides. Unlike other collectibles like. VERY different. There are thousands of posters. Jaws 1. 97. 5 US one sheet in. Excellent Near Mint unrestored C8 C9 condition. We have bought one on e. Bay in. Excellent Near Mint C8 C9 condition for 2. We have also sold more than a few on e. Bay. in the same condition for over 7. We have sold a few here on this. We monitor e. Bay and these usually sell for 1. If someone came to us with one to sell we. Lets also look at the Revenge of. Jedi with date 1. US one sheet in Excellent C8 condition. We have sold this. We have sold. it on e. Bay many times with prices ranging from 4. We. have bought it on e. Bay for as little as as 8. So, what is the current value of. If you dont have one and want one it is worth whatever you are. If you have one and wish to sell it, it is worth. Many people do not like this. This is just the way it is in the world of. The above examples show that a. A poorly marketed poster with an incomplete description. MUCH less. than someone who is an expert at selling movie posters. EBay has completely changed the. We constantly buywin posters on ebay DIRT CHEAP, and. Click here. to learn how we are able to do this. In short, our expertise in marketing. If you want to sell your. We guarantee that if we buy your. NO ONE WILL PAY YOU MORE FOR THEM THAN WE WILL. The TRUE. VALUE of any poster is primarily determined by its condition, so we must. Only then will we make you a firm offer. Anyone is welcome to. Css3 Animation Demo Free Download on this page. After we receive them and. If. you consign your posters with us WE GUARANTEE WE WILL GET YOU THE MOST MONEY. POSSIBLE AND WE GUARANTEE THAT WE WILL GET YOU MORE FOR THEM THAN IF YOU. SOLD THEM YOURSELF. The best way to determine the. Bay. We get MUCH more than other sellers so you will get.