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Q When did you decide that there was enough support to go ahead with classic Wo. W servers A Internally it has always been a huge discussion. Fight Night Champion Pc' title='Fight Night Champion Pc' />Fight Night Champion PcObviously there is a lot of external desire as well. Its just a monumental task and so its a matter of setting it up right. Q Will classic servers and the current game be bundled together Are they using the same client and under your normal subscription A These are fantastic questions that havent been answered internally yet. Development is still super early and a lot of work needs to be done. 3Ds Max Pdf Books on this page. Q Vanilla had a lot of mechanicsissues that might not be fun anymore. Are there any specific issues or mechanics you are looking at addressing in classic serversFight Night Champion PcA Team wants to keep the experience as close to Vanilla as possible, but it is also too early to answer. Q What thoughtsconsiderations have been taken into account for patching of the classic servers Vanilla forever or slow expansion relaunchesLarry Davids Saturday Night Live monologue is not going over well. Stampede of the sales animals Black Friday frenzy turns violent as shoppers fight over bargains. Greater Manchester Police chief said mayhem was totally. UFC bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt took to Instagram last night following the UFC 217 prefight press conference and released a clip of the sparring session. A Another great question that has yet to be decided Battle for Azeroth. Q Will the Heart of Azeroth be spec agnostic or will we have to put Azerite into all of our different specs much like the different artifact weapons in Legion A The Heart of Azeroth is what unlocks the different abilities on three pieces of armor and so it is all tied to the neck piece which is used on all specs. Q Are spec specific legendaries continuing in Battle for Azeroth A The Legion legendary system is being retired in a very epic way, but not something to be revealed yet. Team learned a lot from the system and liked a lot of aspects of it, however, they are not ready to reveal the future of acquiring legendaries. Q Will the current races in Wo. W receive unique Heritage Armor similar to the new Allied Races A As of right now Heritage Armor is only for the Allied Races. The armor is also only wearable by the Allied Race it is designed for. Q How are rewards going to be done for Warfronts A Safe to say Azerite will play a role in rewards, but the rest is still being ironed out. Q Will the new AI take place in dungeons as wellA Right now the AI is being focused in Islands and Warfronts. Q Are class specific buffs such as Mark of the Wild and Power Word Fortitude returning A As of right now these buffs are back in the playtest. Team always looks at classes and how to make them more flavorful and the class buffs fit that niche. Q Will max level content be added to the old word A Team wants to focus max level content into the new continents. The great thing about this expansion is each faction has three leveling zones and then another three open up when max level is reached. Q So would a Horde 1. Zandalar a few weeks into the expansion run into max level Alliance and vice versaA Yes. The whole world is open to your character upon reaching max level. Q Will there be other options to unlock Allied RacesA Each Allied race has some prerequisite quest content required to unlock them. Also, Allied Races are allowed to be boosted to 1. Heritage Armor. Q Allied Races are set to start at level 2. Where will they be placed in the world upon being created Will they be in their respective zones A The current plan is for the Allied Races to start in their factions main hub when created. Q Will there be any new classrace combinationsA Nothing to announce on that, but not ruling it out. Team doesnt want every race able to be any class. Q Can you tell us about some of the racials for the other Allied Races A They will all have unique racials but some arent ready to be discussed yet. Q Any tinkering to be done to current racials A Team isnt ruling it out, but nothing to discuss. Q Will the mission tablefollower system carry forward into Battle for Azeroth A The team likes the follower system and would like to move forward with it, but nothing to announce as of now. Q How will flying work in Battle for Azeroth A Team likes flying being something that takes time to unlock. They want to see that you completed the content before you can fly above it. Q Can you tell us a bit more about the stat squish A There is definitely another stat squish happening. Team wants numbers to be reasonable and work hard to make sure old content doesnt become hard to solo with the squish. Q Are you continuing with professions in Battle for Azeroth similar to how they were in Legion A Cant say for sure, but team definitely wants there to be content for professions, but maybe not quite as many quests. Q Any changes to professions other than the typical new recipes and 1. A Definitely all that but also trying to tie some of the professions into the Heart of Azeroth system. No specifics yet. Q Will the team address faction imbalance on realms A The new WPVP system will solve a lot of these issues as sharding technology will place you into shards with others who have opted into WPVP.