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Amazon Digital Services LLCTrue Blood is an excellently written series. I have watched it since it began, and recently bought this dvd set for my nephew. It is nothing like the Twilight series, and in my experience, people who really love Twilight usually do not care for this series again, simply because the two are nothing alike. Some of the main characters here as well as supporting roles are vampires, but thats not to say this is a show about vampires. This series is really best described as being about the people and goings on of a small, backwoods Louisiana town where some of the people just happen to be vampires. True-Blood-Season-6-Premiere-2013-Who-Are-You-Really-3-550x366.jpg?resize=550%2C366' alt='Hbo True Blood Season 6 Episode 4' title='Hbo True Blood Season 6 Episode 4' />As mentioned above, the writing is excellent. One of the best aspects about this series is that it is definitely NOT predictable Not in the least. You never know where the writers are going to take you. The character development, story lines, acting, directing, casting and effects are all first rate. Considering that the series has its fair share of killing although not overly so, and its certainly not the focus of the show, the series couldnt be called dark or gory by any means. BRAvfEZGWFbCHrhWj3UUNFE4=/fit-in/970x0/2014/04/23/085228a4-4a9f-40af-8034-a46a929df80b/hbo-trueblood-vampires.jpg' alt='Hbo True Blood Season 6 Episode 4' title='Hbo True Blood Season 6 Episode 4' />Looking for music played in each episode of True Blood season 3 Weve listed the songs below, along with links to purchase them for yourself. Buy True Blood Season 7 Read 1440 Movies TV Reviews Amazon. I also would not call this show necessarily violent either. Personally, I dont care for violent shows or movies, and I find this series to be tolerable on the violence scale. It does have killing and blood and bodies and body parts, after all there are vampires in it, but even so, its done in a way that is not offensive or vulgar. There is comedy, drama, action and suspense. Despite the blood, death and suspense, the series as a whole is well balanced with comedy and other characters story lines which help keep it from being overly dark. There is a quite a bit of nudity not raunchy, but tasteful and almost artful. So if youre sensitive to nudity, just be forewarned. I easily give 5 stars to every season. Another refreshing bonus is that the episode commentary for every season is also worth watching. Wifi Hack Software. The actors, directors and writers actually contribute thoughtful and interesting tidbits that add to the episodes and the series. Its best to watch the commentaries after youve completed the season because sometimes they accidentally reveal things that happen later in that season. This series is well worth purchasing.