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HomeSpecializing in Winchester and Colt FirearmsFine AntiquesandA TREASURE OF THE AMERICAN WESTArizona Sheriff James V. Parks Personal Factory Engraved and Inscribed Colt Single Action Army. Factory Letter. James V. Parks was born in Hood County, Texas, in 1. Colt New Service. Colt Custom Best Quality. Special Ruger Blackhawk. Federal Magnum Cartridge Factory DoubleAction Barrel Installations. The Internets Best Resource for Shotgun Information. Jeremiah Johnson Trading is one of the most experienced dealers of fine antique arms, with over 30 years of collecting. We also specialize in a vast array of. Led by his father, Sheriff W. J. Parks, James joined the Arizona Duncan Rangers in 1. Apache Indians. Between 1. James Parks served as Deputy Sheriff to several regions, Graham County Sheriff,  and then US Deputy Marshal. D0C42CC6B27830' alt='Hunter Arms Double Barrel Shotgun Serial Numbers' title='Hunter Arms Double Barrel Shotgun Serial Numbers' />During this time, James shot and killed at least 3 men, wounded several more, chased the Apache Kid and the Bill Smith Gang, and hung the infamous outlaw Augustine The Hairy One Chacon. This pistol was delivered to him, fully engraved from the factory with his name inscribed along the barrel, in 1. As quoted by Chuck Smith, who is currently writing a biography on James V. Parks As far as I am concerned, Jim Parks career as a lawman overshadows that of Wyatt Earp or many other legendary people of the Wild West. WE BUY SINGLE PIECES OR ENTIRE COLLECTIONSRare Henry Nock 8 Gauge Flintlock Market Gun Featuring his Screwless Boxlock Action. Massive 1. 9 12 lb Manton 6 Gauge Market Hunters Double Barrel Shotgun. Rare J. W. Tolley. BPE Double Rifle. L.jpg' alt='Hunter Arms Double Barrel Shotgun Serial Numbers' title='Hunter Arms Double Barrel Shotgun Serial Numbers' />Hunter Arms Double Barrel Shotgun Serial NumbersHunter Arms Double Barrel Shotgun Serial NumbersOutstanding Condition Alexander Henry. BPE Double Rifle. David Kirkwood of Boston 4 Gauge Breechloading Market Hunters Shotgun. Winchester M1. 87. Deluxe Rifle, Factory Gold Plated. WCF, 2. 4 Octagon BarrelFull Magazine, Special Order H Checkered Burl Wood, Pistol Grip, Solid Rifle Buttplate, and Early Heavy Base Tang Sight, with Factory Letter. Winchester M1. 87. Trapper Saddle Ring Carbine,. WCF with 1. 5 Barrel, Half Magazine, Full Nickel Plated with Factory Letter. Winchester M1. 87. Trapper Saddle Ring Carbine,. WCF with 1. 5 Barrel and Rifle Butt From the George Madis Collection. Winchester M1. 87. Trapper Saddle Ring Carbine,. WCF with 1. 6 Barrel and Factory Letter. Brasher 8 Gauge Market Hunters Fowler with Massive Reinforced Two Step Barrel. Massive, Rare American Made 4 Gauge Single Barrel Market Guns. Rare Confederate 1. C. S. Richmond Type III Musket. Winchester M1. 89. Trapper Saddle Ring Carbine,. WCF with 1. 4 Barrel, English Proofed with Factory Letter. Winchester M1. 89. Riot Gun, 1. 2 Gauge. Folsom Prison. Winchester M1. Riot Gun, 1. 2 Gauge. Canton Police Dept. Traffic Guard. Winchester M1. Riot Gun, 1. 2 Gauge. Special Police Order 2. Barrel with Factory Letter. The Rarest of The Riot Guns Winchester M1. Riot Gun, 1. 2 Gauge. Berkeley Police Dept. Winchester M1. 89. Trench Gun, 1. 2 Gauge. Excellent Condition WWI Model. Winchester M1. 89. Riot Gun, 1. 2 Gauge. Factory Inscribed Committee Public SafetyIsaac Collombes. Cal French Officers Pistol. J. P. Moores Sons New York Engraved Colt Single Action Army. Ivory Grips,. 4. Factory Nickel Plated with Factory Letter. Rare Thomas Bland Sons 4 Gauge Breechloading Market Hunters Shotgunwith factory letter from T. Bland Sons. One of approx. Manufactured for a Mr. Lamberton on July 8th, 1. From the Frank E. Wolcott III collection, whos family had previously owned and hunted with this gun for nearly a century. Extraordinary 8 Gauge Maritime Provincial MusketMarket Gun. Attributed to the W. B. Hamilton Co. Halifax, Nova Scotia, and the infamous War of 1. PrivateerMerchant Captain Joseph Barss. Joseph would captain the most successful privateer ship of the war the Liverpool Packet, capturing over 5. American ships by the wars end. His brothers John and James, also Captains, became shareholders with several British privateers. It is likely this gun was aboard the Liverpool Packet, as it bares the marking of Isaiah Joseph Barss, who both sailed on the ship, Joseph as Captain, and were captured together in 1. Erik Olsens M. N. Serup 4 Gauge Shotgun. Teckla Olsen and her fathers gun. Erik Olsens 4 Gauge, Ca. Massive 2. 1 12 lb W. H. Tisdall Sons 4 Gauge Breechloading Market Hunters Shotgun. The only known example by the maker, this gun was custom made around 1. Whoever carried this gun fired it from the shoulder, and probably hunted with it on a daily basis Extraordinary 4 Gauge Swivel Mounted Ships Rail Gun with Massive Powder Horn,Weighing 3. Military Conversion from Flintlock to Percussion in 1. Exceptionally Rare Colt Single Action Army Sheriffs Model. Mfg. 1. 89. 5,. 4. Nickel Plated, 4 Ejectorless Barrel, Shipped to Houston, Texas. J. P. Moores Sons New York Engraved Colt Single Action Army. Shipped from Colt in Soft Finish for Engraving, Silver Plated with Gold plated Hammer, Trigger, Cylinder Pin, and Screws, with Ivory Grips. With Factory Letter. The Riflemans Rifle. The late Moe Hunt with Chuck Connors. Chuck Connors. The Original Rifleman. Very Unusual Market Hunters 1. Gauge Double Barrel Goose Gun by Mortimer, London. THE LONGEST DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUN WE HAVE EVER SEEN OR HEARD OFA Market Hunter from Grand Isle, Louisiana, ca. Holding an equally long Double Barrel Goose GunUltra Rare Factory COPPER PLATED Smith Wesson No. Single Action Revolver. Rare Factory A Engraved Colt M1. Automatic. One of Approximately 6. Produced. Captain Joseph Barss. Visit Us Open Tues Fri, 1. Sat. 1. 2am 5pm, Sun. Open after hours by appointment1. Saybrook Rd. Haddam, CT. PH 8. 60 3. 45 2. M1. 85. 9 Sharps Berdan Sharphooters Rifle. WE BUY M1. 89. 7 RIOT GUNS The WINCHESTER BIG. Winchester M1. 88. Rifle in. 5. 0 1. WCF, with octagon barrel, shotgun butt, and Lyman Express sights, mfg. Not to be confused with the. Express, these exceedingly rare rifles were offered for those who needed the ultimate big game cartridge in a lever action Winchester. The rifles differ from the. Express, in that the rifling has a quicker twist rate to keep the heavy 4. Only 3. 31 of these special rifles were produced, of which approx. Many of the. 5. 0 1. Africa and India, and of the examples known many are in surprisingly good condition. This is probably due to the fact that their powerful recoil would lead their owners to use the guns sparingly. The example pictured here features a 2. Lyman Express rear sight and Rocky Mountain front sight, all of which including the caliber are listed in the Winchester Factory Letter. Canon Digital Photo Editor Download more. We are currently awaiting history on this particular gun from its previous owner, whos family had owned the gun since new. For a. 5. 0 1. 00 4. America on the Mexican border A truly special and impressive Winchester Though well used, its owner made sure to take excellent care of his rifles bore. Massive Belgian Proofed 8 Gauge Market Hunters Double Barrel Shotgun, owned by The Chesapeake Gun ClubThe otherOsa Johnson Mauser Type A Sporting Rifle. Osa Johnson, 1. 89. Martin Johnson, and documented their expolits through both film and book. The life they lived and documented together was the epitome of classic big game safari hunting in the 2. In recent years, one of the only existing rifles attributed to Osa surfaced, an Oberndorf Mauser Type A factory Sporting Rifle in caliber 9. This rifle is consecutive serial number 1. Johnsons. The gun is a 9. Oberndorf Type A sporter, and is absolutely 1. Osa Johnson rifle. It was sold through the firm of Charles A. Heyer Co. Nairobi, British East Africa, presumably at the same time as Osas 1. The fact that both rifles are identical in every way, including the rubber buttpad fitting for a lady, and consecutively serial numbered to the same African firm, it is highly likely that this too was one of Osas safari rifles.