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The following shows you how I got an ODBC connection to DB2 on a Windows Server 2008R2. After doing a search on the Internet I found this page that really helped me a. DataDirect broad range of drivers provide instant access to any data source providing faster time to market and enabling a broader customer set. Publish dashboards with Tableau Desktop and share them throughout your organization with Tableau Server. Empower your business to find answers in minutes. Today we are sharing our new subscription pricing model for all of Tableaus products. Subscriptions are a key component to helping our customers deploy and scale. Many SAS customers are quickly adopting 64bit versions of Microsoft Windows, and they are pleasedaspunch when they find a 64bit version of SAS to run. Install Sas Access To Odbc Drivers' title='Install Sas Access To Odbc Drivers' />Tableaus new subscription pricing Tableau Software. We know this new pricing model and the flexibility it represents is important to you. As Tableaus new leader of Sales, Services and Support, I spent my first eight weeks on the road meeting with customers, partners, analysts and our Tableau team, learning how people and organizations benefit from the power of Tableau. I heard directly the impact that seeing and understanding data is having on your organizations. Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite Torrent Mac Office. And, just as clearly, Tableau has heard a desire for more flexibility in how customers adopt and scale their analytics. Subscription pricing is a way of paying a lower price to use software for a specific period of time, rather than paying a higher up front price to own it perpetually. So, yes, its very similar to your cell phone plan, Netflix account, or gym membership. We are enabling you to gain the benefits of subscriptions, whether you run Tableau on your own premises, in the public cloud, or via Tableau Online our fully managed Saa. S offering in the cloud. With subscription pricing, were helping people and organizations deploy our industry leading products in a way that best suits their immediate needs. As those needs change, subscriptions also make it easier to scale at any size, from a two person startup to a global enterprise. Need to add a Tableau Desktop license for a new employee on your team Easy. Need to add 1. Tableau Server users for a department that now wants to do self service visual analytics Sure thing. Need to scale across a global enterprise No problem. With subscription, it will be even easier to modify Tableau deployments without impacting product performance or your productivity. ODBC-366x300.png' alt='Install Sas Access To Odbc Drivers' title='Install Sas Access To Odbc Drivers' />The new pricing model also lowers the cost of entry. Instead of paying the full cost of a perpetual license up front, you only pay for your first year commitment. So you can plan and budget for deployments as you scale. And, since its Tableau, you get a complete, best in class business intelligence solution from day one with no hidden costs. Unlike some other providers out there, we dont want our customers and partners to worry about additional fees for sharing or collaborating, data storage costs, or hardware restrictions that complicate your deployment options or lead to budget overages. To learn more about the value Tableau provides, read Bill Kirwins creator of Gartners IT Total Cost of Ownership methodology report on Tableaus total cost of ownership. From the flexibility of booking your Tableau investment as an operating expense, to scaling up at your own pace, many of you already benefit from a subscription based approach to software. In fact, some of our largest customers have shifted to this model, and over 5,7. Tableau Online. Were now extending the benefits of subscription pricing to everyone. Finally, one of the things about subscription based pricing we are most excited about is that it sharpens our commitment to earning your business over and over. Like other subscriptions, youll have the choice to renew your Tableau investment every year. This lowers your risk, because you can leave us if you dont feel we are performing. Well happily make that bet, because we intend to delight you. That means everything we do here at Tableau is, as always, focused on our customers success and delivering value every day of the year. Our subscription model is based on this core principle. Thats why you can expect every release, every new product, every program and every step we take to remain true to our mission To help people better see and understand data. See our new pricing.