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How to setup Azure VPN for Site to Site Cross Premises or Create a Virtual Network for Point to Site VPNThere are a lot of real good Blog post on how to create Azure Site to Site. And as the Vnext Windows Server is more and more connecting to the Cloud. Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite Torrent Mac Office. Ill show you how to create a S2. S P2. P VPN setup. And The VPN option will get you to a real hybrid Network and This could be awesome. The Next blog post will be more about Hybrid Configurations. So what do we need for a hybrid Environment Well Ill setup a poor mens version, that means One Hyper v server home Router and an Azure Subscription. Windows 10 Yes Windows Server 2012 Yes Windows Server 2012 R2. Hi In Windows Azure I have a Windows Server 2008 R2 Virtual Server. To use the Backup feature in Azure I need to create a X. This can be. SmartPCFixer is a fully featured and easytouse system optimization suite. With it, you can clean windows registry, remove cache files, fix errors, defrag disk. First We setup a windows Server No special needs for this 4. GB memory and 1 Disk but with two network cards. VM So one NIC is on my corp network and the other NIC is connected to the friendly Internet. When you have the server installed you only need to install RRAS Role Service and no direct configuration needed. So by GUI or with Powershell   add Windows. Feature Direct. Access VPN,Routing. Lc8nvlcORTY/UFeTs3HnhVI/AAAAAAAAA2Y/g1l-Chg0zCw/s640/8-12-2012+7-35-18+PM.png' alt='Makecert.Exe Windows Server 2012 R2' title='Makecert.Exe Windows Server 2012 R2' />That is all what needed and you will need to create two NAT rules on your router however NAT is not supported But this all depends on you network configuration. The next step is Azure. As I do net have a Network in azure I create a network that I will use for my VMs that I will build after the network configuration, But I you already have a network in azure you can use that network. But what Do I need Well It does not mater the Quick is configurable after creating the network. And the Custom is more Wizard driven. For the screenshots Ill pick Custom. The First step is pick a network name, No Change can me made afterwards well not easily Next step is Setting Checkboxes and DNS. Welkom op de System Center User Group NL website. System Center User Group NL is een Nederlandse User Group rondom Microsoft System Center, Azure en HyperV technologie. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. Makecert.Exe Windows Server 2012 R2' title='Makecert.Exe Windows Server 2012 R2' />I use an on premise DNS server but If you run a DNS in Azure You can use this server. If you have already a network then you can pick the DNS servers from the list and pick also a local network. I this case everything is New So give the DNS server a name and IP this is my local DNS server and I use a Internet DNS server. Just because this is an Easy IP address. And I selected the Configure a point to site VPN and Configure a site to site VPN and on the Local Network I choose a new local network. Crack In Finished Drywall Above Door Frame there. Now that the Diagram is filled we do some configuration, As my local network is a 1. I like to not have this in the same range in this Scenario. So I pick a 1. 72. For my point to site VPN. The next step is more Complicated, We need to pick a Local Network name and We need to find the External IP on you network. To find My external IP I use Bing just ask what is my IP Easy. The Next step is create a Address space for this network. You have to check the Add Gateway Subnet this is uses for the Site to Site VPNsee Virtual Network Address Spaces page in About Configuring a Virtual Network using the Management Portal. Check the Box and you can see it is creating the network configuration but not the Gateway this is done in the next step. After the Network Creation is Done We add the Gateway Configuration Creation. This will take about 3. Will cost you about 1. While this is creating we will configure the P2. Makecert.Exe Windows Server 2012 R2' title='Makecert.Exe Windows Server 2012 R2' />Should I remove Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition ENU by Microsoft Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Compact Edition SQL Server Compact Edition is designed for. P VPN. One way to create an X. Certificate Creation Tool makecert. To use makecert, download and install Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2. Windows Desktop, which is free of charge. In this case Ill use make cert. Generate a self signed root certificate the name can be your name or what you like. CNBlog. Root. Cert pe a sha. My Blog. Root. Cert. Generate a client certificatemakecert. CNBlog. Client. Cert. My in Blog. Root. Cert is my a sha. Makecert.Exe Windows Server 2012 R2' title='Makecert.Exe Windows Server 2012 R2' />All certificates are stored in your Personal certificate store on your computer. Check certmgr to verify. You can generate as many client certificates as needed based on this procedure. Recommend is that you create unique client certificates for each computer that you want to connect to the virtual network. A client certificate must be installed on each computer that you want to connect to the virtual network. This means you will probably create multiple client certificates and then need to export them. To export the client certificates, use certmgr. Right click on the client certificate that you want to export, click all tasks, and then click export. Export the client certificate with the private key. This will be a. pfx file. Make sure to record or remember the password key that you set for this certificate. Copy the. pfx file to the client computer. On the client computer, double click the. Enter the password when requested. Do not modify the installation location. But the ROOTCERT is needed in Azure and we need to import this. When the Gateway is ready you can see in the Clients that it needs a certificate. Uploading the Certificate is the Certificate that we just Createdmakecert sky exchange r n CNBlog. Root. Cert pe a sha. My Blog. Root. Cert. Now that all the Azure Configuration is Done We configure the RRAS server as you can see in the overview the Gateway and P2. P VPN is not Connected. On the right there is a little list with some Download links. First we download the RRAS Configurations Script   Download VPN Device Script. Just make sure You select the Windows Server 2. R2 as we are using this for the gateway. When running this script in the RRAS server there is a Common Error the RRAS service is restarted so therefor it can not connect just run the connect line again and it will work. However this is a CFG script you can rename this to PS1 Or Run this in Powershell ISE like I did. Dial in to Azure gateway Connect Vpn. S2. SInterface Name 1. The Site To Site VPN is now connected. For the Client You will use the Download the 6. Client VPN Package. Keep in mind Windows Does not trust an Downloaded EXE file so before you can install this it needs to unblock Now that the File is unblocked we can install the VPN this is a real quick install and no screens to view but in the network You can see a new network, in this case Blog. Hybrid. For connecting just click the network and connect. Now Im Connected. Drive Memory Increaser. As you can see Im connected With point to site VPN and a site to site VPN. With a site to site VPN I can use Windows Azure Servers connecting To my local Domain. With point to site VPN I can Connect With a Windows Azure VM on the Internal IP without using the VNname. IP. And you can also connect Azure to Azure VPN between Subscriptions. This Will be the basics for my next Blog post Azure is very useful for easy testing an getting a heavy machine for your workload even for one day. Happy clustering. Robert Smitcluster. MVPhttp robertsmit. Technorati Tags Windows Azure,Azure File service,Windows,Server,Clustermvp,Blob,cloud witness. Fix Windows Errors and Optimize PCFix Windows Errors Optimize Your System No Blue Screen, No Lock up, No Errors, Less Garbage Files More Smooth System Running. WINNER OF OVER 1.