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Destiny 2 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide, FAQ, Unlockables for Xbox One. Review. Hottest Stuff On Cheat. CC Hottest Stuff On Cheat. CC Getting desired Exotic weapons, armor, and items. When you have an Exotic or Bright engram, go to the inventory screen and scroll over it. Press Y to preview the possible items you can get from it. If you do not want any of the items listed, simply wait a few minutes for it to refresh the items you can get from it. Orb Elite Gaming Headset Black Xbox 360' title='Orb Elite Gaming Headset Black Xbox 360' />Keep doing this until at least one of the items listed in the preview is an item you want before decoding it to increase your chances of getting an item you want. Unlocking the Sparrow. To unlock the Sparrow before the end of the game, you have to get it through a Bright Engram. Bright Engrams are earned by leveling up. You can also purchase them with Silver, which is bought through microtransactions using real money. Turn the Bright Engrams into Tess Everis at The Farm to decrypt. There is a small chance you will unlock a Sparrow. To buy a Sparrow after completing the game, find Amanda Holliday in The Tower Social Sector. She sells Sparrows. The Tower becomes available after completing the main campaign and defeating the final Boss. The Sparrow is a one person mount a guardian can summon from their inventory to get around more quickly. Weapons cannot be used on Sparrows, but boosting into opponents will inflict damage. Your Sparrow cannot be destroyed. If you leave it behind, you can simply summon another one. Orb Elite Gaming Headset Black Xbox 360' title='Orb Elite Gaming Headset Black Xbox 360' />Orb Elite Gaming Headset Black Xbox 360Unlocking The Tower. Successfully complete the main campaign and defeat the final Boss to unlock The Tower, which contains lots of new vendors and end game activities. Unlocking Flashpoint. Successfully complete the campaign. Then, complete the Patrol mission in the EDZ to unlock the Patrol mission beacons on all four planets. Complete three Patrol missions on any one planet, then return to Cayde 6 to unlock the weekly Flashpoint Milestone objective. Den kraftfullaste konsolen ngonsin, med en grafikprocessor som klarar 6 teraflops, den hittills enda konsolen fr spel i native 4K med hg prestanda, kompatibel. The Flashpoint objective can take place on Earth, Io, Nessus, or Titan, and requires you to complete a certain amount of Public Events that week to unlock a Legendary Engram from Cayde 6, which contains either a Legendary or Exotic weapon or armor item. Every time you complete a Public Event, you will be given a certain percentage towards completing the Flashpoint Milestone. Orb Elite Gaming Headset Black Xbox 360' title='Orb Elite Gaming Headset Black Xbox 360' />You will gain more percentage points towards the Milestone if you complete a Heroic Public Event. Xur Exotics dealerThere is a special vendor named Xur, Agent Of The Nine, that appears in random areas on the four planets. You can find his location by displaying the map and finding the IX logo on the map. He spawns at 9 0. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for Destiny 2 for Xbox One. GMTUTC on Fridays and leaves at 9 0. GMTUTC on Sundays. Unlike other vendors, Xur sells exotic weapons and items, and his supplies change each week. However, the cost of the weapons and items use a different currency. His normal rates for exotic weapons are 2. Legendary Shards and armor are 2. Legendary Shards. Unlocking subclasses. There are a total of nine subclasses three subclasses for each of the three major classes. Subclasses are always unlocked in a specific order for each class. Your first subclass will unlock naturally as you play through the campaign. The other two subclasses must be unlocked, and getting them can be kind of random. Although artifacts are random drops, subclasses will always unlock in the following order Titan. Subclass 1 Sentinel VoidSubclass 2 Striker ArcSubclass 3 Sunbreaker SolarHunter. Subclass 1 Arcstrider ArcSubclass 2 Gunslinger SolarSubclass 3 Nightstalker VoidWarlock. Subclass 1 Dawnblade SolarSubclass 2 Voidwalker VoidSubclass 3 Stormcaller ArcAll subclasses include a unique super ability, grenade ability, and movement mode. Other abilities must be unlocked with upgrade points. You can gain upgrade points by completing activities or gaining levels, up to Level 2. Wireless Toolkit 64 Bit. To unlock the first subclass, successfully complete the Spark third campaign mission. The other subclasses are locked behind unique items called artifacts. Artifacts are random subclass items that can be looted from chests. Artifacts do not begin to appear in loot chests until specific level thresholds are met Level 7 for the second subclass and Level 1. After collecting an artifact, return to Ikora Rey and complete the Spark Pt. You need to repeat this process a second time to unlock the third subclass. As you gain higher levels, the chances of a subclass artifact spawning in a chest increases. Chests associated with public events and Lost Sectors have a much higher chance of dropping subclass artifacts. All planetary loot chests have a small chance to drop subclass artifacts, but subclass artifacts will never be found as reward rolls or from engrams. Once you collect a subclass artifact, you will also need to charge the artifact with kills. It seems kills earned in public events increase the charging process. Reaching max Power level. Power levels are a weighted aggregate of all your gear weapons, armor, subclass abilities, and mods. Your Power level increases as you equip better gear from common, to uncommon, to rare, to legendary, and finally exotic. C# Write Tab Separated Text File. Your Power level and Guardian level are two completely different things. The Guardian level is capped at Level 2. You earn XP from killing enemies, completing missions, and doing just about anything in the game. Power level only increases when you equip better gear and is really only important for end game activities. Some of the ways to get legendary and exotic items are from engrams, completing Exotic quests and Raids, but that is not enough to get your Power level above 2. The Power level is currently capped at 3. Getting to 2. 60 is the real challenge, and normal methods do not work. Equipped gear eventually stops providing Power level bonuses. Milestones are the best way to gain Power levels after 2. Completing Milestones, even early Milestones, will help push your Power level slightly higher. However, it is recommended to avoid completing Milestones until after you have reached Power Level 2. Milestones are weekly events and challenges you can check from the Director layer. Milestones include Completing missions or adventures. Completing a certain number of strikes. Nfs Most Wanted 2005 Utorrent Latest'>Nfs Most Wanted 2005 Utorrent Latest. Participating in a certain number of Crucible matches. Completing a certain number of public events in specific zones. Completing a Milestone guarantees you a gear reward with slightly higher Power levels. Weapons will be slightly stronger, and armor just slightly better. Equipping one Milestone loot reward might not increase your Power level by one point, but it will get you closer to increasing. Note Make sure you complete Milestones with the highest possible Power level. Do not complete a Milestone when you are below your max Power level since you will not get gear with a higher Power level. All Milestone rewards are slightly higher than your current Power level at the time of completion. It is recommended to first complete the campaign before playing the Crucible, unlocking engrams, and getting legendary loot since items scale to your current Power level when obtained. Thus, if you collect an engram from a vendor when your Power level is 2. Wait until you are around Power level 2. The following is a detailed guide to reaching the max Power Level Levels 1 2. Leveling 1 2. 0 requires EXP. Most activities in the game give you EXP main story, public events, side story, crucible, patrols, lost sectors, and simply killing enemies.