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Prolene Hernia Repair Patch' title='Prolene Hernia Repair Patch' />Prolene Hernia Repair PatchHernia Mesh Lawsuit Who is the FDA Protecting The Hollis Law Firm has filed several hernia mesh lawsuits and is now investigating all hernia mesh claims. While working on the pelvic mesh and bladder sling litigations, our mesh attorneys received frequent calls from victims around the country reporting severe hernia mesh complications. Patterns began to appear, linking specific injuries with certain hernia mesh products. The Hollis Law Firm decided to launch an investigation into various hernia mesh products. Our hernia mesh attorneys have now uncovered design defects in a large number of hernia mesh products currently on the market. Over the course of our investigation, our hernia mesh attorneys have gathered a large amount of information and scientific studies on hernia mesh. The Hollis Law Firm has created this webpage in an attempt to educate the public on the dangers of hernia mesh. Below you will find short summaries of many of the hernia mesh products we are currently investigating. At the end of each summary is a link to more information and the scientific studies associated with the specific hernia mesh lawsuit. SURGICAL OPERATIONS surgery is the branch of medicine that treats diseases, injuries, and deformities by manual or operative methods click here for main in. How does a hernia present A swelling becomes apparent on the abdominal wall, most commonly in the groin region, where it is known as an Inguinal hernia. A brief, general summary for each hernia mesh study is provided. Links to the full study are also provided for further research however, due to copyright laws, often only the abstract of the study is available publicly. Why Learning About Hernia Mesh is Important. Find product information on the PROLENE Polypropylene Hernia System from Ethicon. CQur Lawsuit Who is the FDA Protecting The CQur hernia mesh was developed by Atrium Medical Corporation to be utilized during hernia repairs. Table of Contents 1. Acute Sigmoid Diverticulitis 1. Sniff Serial Port With Wireshark there. Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair 19. Blunt Duodenal Injury 40. Flail Chest Injury 63 5. Original Article. Open Mesh versus Laparoscopic Mesh Repair of Inguinal Hernia. Leigh Neumayer, M. D., Anita GiobbieHurder, M. S., Olga Jonasson, M. D., Robert. The FDA continues to quickly approve untested hernia mesh products, which benefits the medical device manufacturers and hurts the general public. When a product is then shown to be defective, severely injuring thousands nationwide, the FDA is slow to take any action. The manufacturers of hernia mesh know of the life threatening complications their products can cause, but they dont warn the public or surgeons. Educate yourself on the dangers of hernia mesh and warn those you know. There are over 1. United States. Many of the most dangerous hernia meshes remain on the market and have not been recalled by the FDA. Bowel obstructions and severe infections are common complications related to hernia mesh. What is the FDAs Opinion on Hernia Mesh In April of 2. FDA put out an article on hernia surgical mesh implants. The following excerpt demonstrates just how out of touch the FDA is with how dangerous current hernia mesh products are. Many complications related to hernia repair with surgical mesh that have been reported to the FDA have been associated with recalled mesh products that are no longer on the market. Pain, infection, recurrence, adhesion, obstruction, and perforation are the most common complications associated with recalled mesh. In the FDAs analysis of medical adverse event reports to the FDA, recalled mesh products were the main cause of bowel perforation and obstruction complications. Just one month later, the manufacturer of the Physiomesh, Ethicon a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson, removed the hernia mesh due to high rates of complications. Currently, the FDAs website still has no information on the Physiomesh recall. Ethicon continues to deny that the Physiomesh was subject to a hernia mesh recall, but does admit that they withdrew the product from the market. To date, there have been very few hernia mesh products actually recalled. The majority of complaints that our hernia mesh lawyers receive are on products that have not yet been recalled, or have simply been pulled from the market. Is the FDA Turning a Blind Eye to the Complications Caused by Defective Hernia Meshes It seems like an outrageous proposition, until you read some of the adverse event reports that physicians and medical device sales representatives have reported to the FDA. Repeatedly, the FDA has been alerted to various defects related to specific hernia meshes that are resulting in life changing complications, yet no action has been taken. Bron. Bendavid R. New techniques in hernia repair. World J Surg 1989 13 522531. W antz GE. The Canadian repair personal observations. Prolene Hernia Repair Patch' title='Prolene Hernia Repair Patch' />To highlight how absurd it is that the FDA hasnt taken action on various hernia mesh products, the Hollis Law Firm created a Parietex Pro. Grip lawsuit page and a Parietex Composite lawsuit page. Both pages highlight FDA adverse event reports that should have made it obvious to the FDA why patients were experiencing specific complications with certain hernia mesh products. Shortly after the two pages went live, the FDAs entire online adverse event database went down. Were just getting started though. Now that the FDAs online adverse event database is back up, we will be making similar updates to every hernia mesh subpage. Why Does Hernia Mesh Cause So Many Complications Polypropylene before implantation. What causes the complications can vary depending on the hernia mesh product. Many hernia mesh products contain a type of plastic known as polypropylene, the same material that is used to make many types of pelvic mesh and bladder slings. Polypropylene is also used to make a wide variety of non medical devices, such as fishing line and soda bottles. Polypropylene is utilized to make so many commercial products for one main reason, its dirt cheap. Here is a Polypropylene Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS for a type of polypropylene used in many hernia mesh products. The MSDS notes Prohibited Uses Applications involving permanent implantation into the body. However, the manufacturers of many hernia mesh products continue to use polypropylene and deny that polypropylene degrades and contracts. Polypropylene 1. 8 months after implantation. Should Hernia Mesh Ever Be Used Yes, there are times when mesh needs to be utilized to repair a hernia. The larger a hernia is, the more likely a mesh is needed. If a mesh is required to repair the hernia, there are more than 5. Various manufacturers utilize a wide range of materials to make their hernia meshes. These materials range from plastics to gels to pig skins. Later in this article, we will cover some of the most dangerous types of hernia mesh. Additionally, certain hernias are easier to fix without using mesh. Inguinal hernias are typically smaller and can be repaired without mesh by a skilled surgeon. The unnecessary use of hernia mesh to repair inguinal hernias has resulted in thousands of patients developing debilitating pain. Alternatives to Hernia Mesh. Shouldice Repair A two layer suture only hernia repair utilizing the patients fascia and tendon. Mc. Vay Repair Abdominal tendons are sutured to the inguinal ligament. Revolt Game No Z Buffer on this page. Bassini Repair A suture inguinal hernia repair that preserves the spermatic cord. Desarda Repair A suture only repair using multiple layers of fascia. Shouldice Repair. Long before hernia mesh was utilized to repair hernias, surgeons used the shouldice technique to repair hernias. The shouldice technique originated from the Shouldice Hospital in Ontario, Canada, where the technique is still favored to this day. For over 7. 0 years, the Shouldice Hospital has maintained a success rate of 9. In most cases, general anesthesia is not even necessary to perform the shouldice repair. Typically local anesthetics, pain medication, sutures and a sedative is all that is required. Not having to rely on general anesthesia greatly reduces the risk associated with any surgery. It is time for the surgeons in the United States to start learning the Shouldice technique again while in residency. When Should Hernia Mesh Never Be Used Smaller hernias, such as hernias caused by laparoscopic surgery, dont require mesh to repair. Small hernias can easily be repaired with sutures by an experienced surgeon.