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The Cisco SMX1T3E3 1port T3E3 enhanced service module SMX is a softwareconfigurable T3E3 product for Second Generation Integrated Services Routers ISR G2. Port Numbers and Services Database This file is from Internet Assigned Numbers Authority IANA. IANA maintains the Assigned Numbers RFC, the most recent of which is. The Java Communications API can be used to write platformindependent communications applications for technologies such as voice mail, fax, and smartcards. Linux Network Configuration Networking, setup and administration. This Linux tutorial covers TCPIP networking, network administration and system configuration basics. Order Information Part Numbers for SCS100SCS200SCS400. Lantronix Online Store U. S. A., Canada, Mexico, Europe Click on a cart button below to buy direct from. IEEE 1394 is an interface standard for a serial bus for highspeed communications and isochronous realtime data transfer. It was developed in the late 1980s and. Template Codeigniter Examples. UNIX Commands for DBAs This article contains a brief list of commands that most UNIX DBAs will need on a regular basis. File and Directory Navigation find, grep, alias. Hsiagq1I/0.jpg' alt='Sun Serial Port Configuration' title='Sun Serial Port Configuration' />The ALTUSEN SN series of serial console servers integrate cutting Features edge technologies with secure enterprise communications. Available in 48port models, the. Sun Serial Port Configuration' title='Sun Serial Port Configuration' />Serial Communication RS232 Basics. In the previous post, we discussed about the basics of serial communication. In this post, we will learn about the RS232. Serial-port.png' alt='Sun Serial Port Configuration' title='Sun Serial Port Configuration' />Unix Commands for DBAs. This article contains a brief list of commands that most UNIX DBAs will. File and Directory Navigation. The pwd command displays the current. The ls command lists all files and. If no location is defined it acts on the current directory. The a flag lists hidden. The l flag lists file details. More Examples ls al pg do a full directory listing. ORACLEHOMEreports. Verify that. the spoolcmd. List files with hidden. Very useful when you cannot delete a file for an unknown. Shows the. files in a list just. The option h comes handy to. The parameter r shows the. R The R operator makes the ls. The cd command is used to change. The touch command is used to create a new. The rm command is used to delete files. The R flag tells the command to recurse through. R archive. The mv command is used to move or rename. The. represents the current directory. The cp command is used to copy files and. The mkdir command is used to create new. The rmdir command is used to delete. Show all processes owned by. The find command can be used to find the. The flag represents the staring. Wildcards such as dbms can be used for the. Search everywhere for the specified filefind. DISPLAY print pg Search all files for the text string DISPLAY takes a while to run Display only the lines in etcoratab where the lines do not v. Tip for Oracle Users. Oracle produces many extraneous files trace files, log files, dump. Unless they are cleaned periodically, they can fill. To ensure that doesnt happen, simply search for the files with. A. simple command does the trick find. The which command can be used to find the. The which command searches. PATH setting for occurences of the specified executable. The PS1changes your prompt. PS1DiegoMaster DiegoMaster. You can also place special symbols in the variable to show special. For instance the symbol u shows the username who logged in and. If we use these symbols, the prompt can be customized to show. PS1u w oracleoradba. R2db. 1  Here are some other symbols you can use in PS1 shell variable The. The. date in Weekday Month Date formatHThe. TThe. same as but displaying seconds as well. AThe. The. same as A but with the seconds as well The wc utility displays a count of the. The switches for this. README. txt. 85 README. Join. to file. 2 and output to file. The tail. let you see a specified number of lines from the end of the filetail. The head. let you see the specified number of lines from the top of the. The diff. displays the differences between file. Options diff. t ignore white spaces and tabs i ignore case letters AaAnother option, y, shows the same output, but side by side diff. W 1. 20. The alias. Examples alias. al  Alias the command ls al  to lsalias osecho ORACLEHOME. Here is a list of some very useful aliases I like to define alias lls d. ORACLEHOMEalias osecho ORACLESIDalias tnscd. Evermotion Archmodels Vol 109 Pdf. ORACLEHOMEnetworkadminalias bdumpcd. ORACLEBASEadminORACLESIDbdumpThe echo. DISPLAY display the. DISPLAY variable to screen. With the du. commands, you can display hard disk information. Use 1. 02. 4. byte blocks instead of the default 5. Displays. disk space free on each filesystem. Very useful. The ftp. Invoke the file transfer protocol file exchange program ftp. Once logged in and at the ftp prompt, you have many options bin. Change transfer mode to ascii modesend myfile. Transfer myfile from your local machineget fred  Receive the. Transfer all files in current directory of the host to your local. Check the. directory of your local machinepwd   Check. The ln. command let you create a link to a file. You use this during the Oracle. Software installationln. K1. 0dboraln s etcinit. S9. 9dboraln s etcinit. S9. 9dbora. The sed. Its helpful to do a global search. Place the html command lt br at the end of. Good for formatting the ouptut of unix. The awk. command it has its own scripting language For example, to display only the 6th field of the output from who am. Field 6 is the IP address of your own terminal session PC. This can be used to automatically set the DISPLAY environment variable. The cksum. command provides a checksum of a file. Its very useful for comparing. Thesplitcommand can split up a file into. Splits bug. 12. 34. The g commands  allows you to compress files. The g command results in a compressed copy of the original. The gunzip command reverses. The compress command results in a. Z extension. The uncompress command. The rsync. is a great file copier or command to SYNC directories, Here are some. Only get diffs. Do multiple times for troublesome downloads    rsync P. Locally copy with rate limit. Its like nice for IO    rsync. Mirror web site using compression and encryption    rsync az e. Synchronize current directory with remote one    rsync auz e. The ssh. command lets you connect to a remote box. The scp command. Run command on HOST as USER default commandshell    ssh. USERHOST command Run GUI command on HOSTNAME as USERssh. Y USERHOSTNAME xeyes. Copy with permissions to USERs home directory on HOST    scp p r. USERHOST file dir Forward connections to HOSTNAME 8. HOST 8. 0    ssh g L. HOST Forward connections from HOST 1. HOST  File Permissions. The umask value is subtracted from the default permissions 6. Default permission. Owner Group World Permission 7 urwx 7 grwx 7 orwx read write execute. Rx 5 gRx 5 oRx read execute. Character eqivalents can be used in the chmod command chmod orwx Rx log. The. R flag causes the command ro recurse through any subdirectories. R oinstall. dba Finally the chgrp. The following example changes the ownership on every single file in. OS Users Management. OS users useradd G oinstall g dba d usrusersmyuser m s binksh myuser. The G flag specifies the primary group. The g flag specifies the secondary group. The d flag specifies the default directory. The m flag creates the default directory. The s flag specifies the default shell. The r flag removes the. Process Management. OS connections whowho head 5who tail 5who grep i orawho wc l. The head 5 command restricts the output to the first 5 lines. The tail 5 command restricts the output to the last 5 lines of. The grep i ora command restricts the output to lines. The wc l command returns the number of lines from who, and. Some users could be just logged on but actually doing nothing. You. can check how long they have been idle, a command especially useful if. HNAME. IDLE          PID COMMENToracle. Jan  8.           1. Jan  8 1. 5 5. 7. Dec 2. 6. 1. 3 4. Oct 2. 3.          2. The new column IDLE shows how long they have been idle in hh mm format. Note the value old in that column It means that the user has been. The PID column shows the process ID of their shell connection. The ps. command lists current process information psps ef grep i ora. Specific processes can be killed by specifying the process id in the kill. Lets see what happens when we want to kill the session of the user SH.