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Roof Truss Design TRUSS4 Fine. Bova, Czech and Slovak Republic. Design Connectors, South Africa. Merit, Poland. Unilam, South Africa. If you are interested in cooperation, feel free to contact us for further information. Software for Static Analysis of plane 2D trusses. Program for Structural Analysis of trusses under static loads. Connections are assumed pinned. Axial force diagrams. Detailed information about the variables displayed here are available in the technical documentation. Files containing these data are available for download. A new version of GEO5 software is released twice a year. Each version contains new tools, improvements and corrections. Any other GEO5 users can get the latest. The computer program ADAP88 is a finite element analysis program for computing the earthquake response of arch dams including the nonlinear effect of contraction. Software archaeology or software archeology is the study of poorly documented or undocumented legacy software implementations, as part of software maintenance. With ModelSmart TM. Bonsai Techniques 1 Pdf here. ModelSmart is a new software program designed to introduce middle, high school and college students to basic engineering concepts while.