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Group Exercise. MAIN SMALL Group Ex Room. Barbell. Pump A strength class using a barbell and plates that works every major muscle group in your body. So get ready to feel this 6. BARRE. A High Intensity, low impact class using light weights, Pilates balls, strength bands and Ballet Barre. Works. Core out, strengthening all the core muscles as well as smaller muscle in extremities. Body. Camp A boot camp style 4. Strength, conditioning and agility. D0D00232/images/1f8d1ee4-abe2-11e4-8eab-0eb4d08c4956-product-hero-medium-1422995109.jpeg' alt='Zumba Fitness 20 Minute Express Workout' title='Zumba Fitness 20 Minute Express Workout' />Zumba Fitness 20 Minute Express Workout DvdBURN A heart pumping, total body workout designed to work your heart, muscles. This is challenging workout Cardio. Grit A Go For It class  This class is similar to Metabolic Conditioning yet the. We have been coming to El Gancho for years as a family We cannot think of a better place to share time with each other and get the added benefits of fun, fitness. The Guaranteed Get Fit, Feel Great or Get Your Membership Dues Back Online Workout Club and Coaching Program. CLASS DESCRIPTIONS AOAACTIVE OLDER ADULTS Move through a variety of exercises designed to increase aerobic conditioning, improve muscular strength. The express route to a twopiece starts here Bikini Body Absolution. The pair of 20minute workouts take the burnandfirm approach to cinching with a cardio. Java Utc To Gmt Converter there. The International Fitness Phenomenon that feels more like a Party than a Workout Zumba the newest, hottest, Latin danceinspired workout changing the face of. Maryland Drivers License Type Cg: Full Version Software. Zumba Exhilarate Body Shaping is a very popular option in the middle of the exercise videos price range. Another Monster Manga. Its in the top 3 bestselling exercise videos and has dozens. Extra Cardio. Zumba Fitness Cardio Party Workout is the DVD to choose when you have a good handle on your cardiovascular fitness and understand how to work with your. Enter your model number to make sure this fits. Dance yourself fit w this 5 DVD totalbody workout Highenergy bursts help burn fat by combining cardio interval. Zumba-Fitness-Incredible-Results-Ultimate-DVD-System-0.jpg' alt='Zumba Fitness 20 Minute Express Workout' title='Zumba Fitness 20 Minute Express Workout' />The Al Corniche Club offers nearly 70 Group Fitness classes every week. Whether you want a highenergy, heart pumping, calorie killing class, or pure strength, toning. Located downtown on Parsons Ave, we are a fitness centergym dedicated to our clients. We have stateoftheart equipment that will prescribe individualized workouts. This is a 4. 5 minute class. This is a challenging class Circuit. Training This class is station and circuit based filled with muscle and cardio drills. Its complete with all sorts of fitness tools and toys  Its as fun as it sounds GUTTSBUTTS a half hour class designed to strengthen and define your core muscle. Insanity TM This is a. HIIT workout w a laid out format designed for maximum benefits including increased sports performance, strength training. Lean Tone. A muscle class that focuses on muscular endurance using lighter hand weights and doing more repetitions. This is a muscle sculpting class, and a great complement to the other strength classes on schedule. Metabolic Conditioning  An Interval Training class designed. HIIT interval blocks. Examples of Met. Com exercises are lunge jumps, push up rows, burpees, weighted squats. A block. Mixed Bag  A total body workout that combines cardio vascular exercised. This class has something for everyone. Get ready to work your body in a different way. Pilates A body conditioning. Increase strength and endurance in. Pi. Yo Combines the muscle sculpting, core firming benefits of Pilates with the strength. The speed between moves is sped up to increase heart rate and improve agility.